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Finding a Raiding Squad To Play RUST With

Last updated: May 21, 2022

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RUST is a fantastic game to play solo, but I have always had more fun when I have played with my friends. If your current Steam friends aren’t a fan of RUST, I have 4 simple tricks to help you find a new raiding squad to play with.

Socialize in-game

Be social, too often I see a lot of players in games being very antisocial. We are all on the server for the same reason, to have fun doing what we love in our free time.

It may seem like obvious advice to some, but be more vocal on servers, introduce yourself, try to actively make friends with other users on the server.

RUST Socialise with friends

If you spend another time on one particular server you will start to come in contact with the more regular players and will eventually make friends with them.

This opens up the opportunity to group up with your new friends and start raiding. You could also try sending steam friend requests to other players you have talked to in-game.

Social Media

Social media is great for connecting with other like-minded people that have the same interests. You can find plenty of RUST players on Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, etc. You just need to focus on joining the groups that are RUST-related.

RUST Official Facebook Page

RUST Facebook Groups worth checking out:

All of these groups are just examples of user-run communities that have daily posts, server lists and activities that you can easily join. If you want to make new friends and expand your raiding party then this is an easy way to find players quickly.

RUST Server Lists

Server lists are a fantastic way to find a server that caters to your needs. With thousands of servers online every day it’s very easy to connect to new players.

When I first started playing RUST I made a lot of new friends by just randomly dropping into new servers. My top tip was to jump into smaller servers, as it would be easier to get to know the server owner and the players on a smaller server.

RUST Just Wiped Server List

Of course, you could join a bigger server if you wanted, but this was often already full of more established raiding parties that would rather eliminate you than let you join their party.

It’s worth searching the internet for server lists as they list, location, number of players and often have a vote percentage that indicates how good the server is. I’d focus on finding a server that is located in your country as this will usually contain players speaking the same language, be online when you usually are and speed up your connection to the RUST server.

My server list recommendations are:

There are loads more server lists available but I consider the above to be my personal favorites. If you’re looking for more just search for “RUST server lists” in a search engine.

Once you have rented your own RUST server that you have found from my guide on finding a RUST server hosting company you can submit your server to these lists too.

RUST Forums

My final tip would be to check out the huge collection of RUST forums that have been set up by the community. Most notable forums include Reddit, Steam community and the Facepunch website.

Most of these forums have posts dating back to when the game first launched as an early access title, so there are plenty of active members and helpful posts to check out.

RUST Forum

I find the most useful sections on these forums are the “wanted player” sections. Try to look out for any posts that contain obvious wording like “looking for players” or “players needed”. These posts usually have a group or a solo player looking to form raiding parties and make new friends. I see these posts pop up daily, so it’s a really good place to look for new players to link up with.

RUST forums to find players:

If you follow the 4 simple tips I have listed above you will easily find yourself a raiding party in no time. Just be social and be willing to put yourself out there to make new friends along the way.

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