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Top 5 RUST Server Plugins

Last updated: May 21, 2022

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To date I have tested 22 different providers to see who can really deliver the best RUST Server Hosting.

If you want to create a modded server you will need to first upload the Oxide mod for RUST, which will allow you to access the Oxide plugins.


Plugins allow you to customize your game world and make changes to the functions, appearance and server settings.

Oxide mod is the only dedicated mod that allows you to customize your RUST server so you will need to upload this before considering what plugins you want to add.

How To Upload Oxide Plugins

Before you can upload oxide you will first need to have your own RUST server set up.

You can do this by either renting a shared hosting package from a GSP (game server provider) or host it locally on your own PC.

Local hosting is great for casual vanilla games but the Oxide mod can add a lot of stress on lower spec computers.

Players tend to choose third-party hosting over the local option for this very reason.

If you haven’t rented a server from a third-party provider and you’d like to know more information on this process check out the “choosing a RUST server hosting provider” article.

My Top 5 RUST Server Plugins List

Below is a list of all the essential plugins that should be added to your server once you have added the Oxide mod.

They all add quality of life improvements to the game and fix issues that should have been addressed in the standard vanilla RUST experience.

1. BetterChat

RUST Mining A Rock

The plugin acts as a chat manager that allows you to customize the chat format within your server.

The base chat is very standard and limited to very basic commands. However, with BetterChat you can set predefined messages and separate clan messaging a lot better.

The plugin will also allow you to format both admin and group chats.

2. Rust Kits


If you want to create starter packs or clan packs for community members you can with the “Rust Kits” Plugin.

With this cool plugin, you can specify a certain group that will be allocated a certain package that can include gear, weapons, medical kits, resources and more.

This is a great way to make your server different from other game worlds. I often see starter kits in a lot of worlds that give new players a few items to help them start their adventure.

However, you can also create NPC kits and clan kits that have limits, cool down periods and more.

3. Crafting Controller

RUST Crafting Controller

Are players on your server complaining about crafting times? With “Crafting Controller” you can tweak the time it takes to craft items by modifying the default settings for each item.

It can be very frustrating waiting for stacks of items to craft, so speeding this process up can make players on your server a lot happier.

You can also use this plugin to ban certain items. Banned items will be removed from the recipe list making them uncraftable.

However, as an admin, you can still spawn in banned items if you choose to.

4. N Teleportation

RUST Teleportation Mod

Do you want to speed up the moving process in your game world? Well, you can with the “N Teleportation” plugin that allows you to set up a network of teleportation locations around your world.

You can set up home, town and quick travel points to jump from place to place.

This plugin also allows you to quickly teleport to other players.

This is a lot like the Pippi mod for Conan Exiles but a watered-down version.

5. GatherManager

RUST Gathering Tree

If you want to create a world that is more generous when it comes to resource distribution you can with the “GatherManager” plugin.

Increase or decrease the number of resources a player can gain from mines, trees, picked-up objects, survey charges and more.

This is a great plugin to add for server managers that want to encourage building on the server.

It can also be great for limiting certain resources to make a harder PVP world.

Other RUST Server Plugins to Consider

If you’re looking to further improve your RUST experience, here are some more great Oxide plugins that will allow you to add some more features to your world.

  • Permission Manager – Easily manage player and group permissions with this plugin.
  • Steam Groups – Instantly add players from allocated steam groups to a dedicated permissions group with your rust world server.
  • Economics – Add an economic structure to your RUST world. You will be able to both deposit and withdraw money into a world bank system.
  • Copy Paste – If you’re building up towns and bases, easily copy your creations and paste them in a different location.
  • ZoneManager – Create certain zones within your server that have predefined settings. This is a great way to create a battle royale server for PVP.
  • Backpacks – Allows players to carry more items and tools with extra inventory space. Server settings can be changed in order to drop backpacks on death.
  • GUI-Shop – Add a shopping system to your server with this plugin. Players will be able to sell their items and resources and use the money to buy the items they need. Great for PVE servers.
  • Server Rewards – Make your server more interesting with a reward-based system. Players can earn server rewards by completing tasks and certain conditions. Reward points can then be used to buy items at the GUI-shop.
  • Easy Vote – Allow players to vote for other players on the server. This can be linked to the reward system. For example, you could set up a “best player” award that other players could then vote on etc.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 22 popular RUST Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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